Based in Yorkshire, Amazing Live was conceived by Matt Jansen and Mike Hyde. Both are driven by a passion for music and are committed to providing an excellent service to every client.

Even the name was chosen to remind the two of this goal. As well as providing an incredible solution within the entertainment industry, the two constantly aim to bring forth new and exciting ideas.

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The Amazing Singing Waiters UK are led by Mike who is originally from Colchester, now residing in Leeds and Matt who was born in Leicester and now lives in Beverley, Hull. 

They are often joined by other remarkable performers including Paul Ferns who is originally from Manchester and lives in Liverpool, Alfie White who is a local of Liverpool, Nate Poulson who lives in Runcorn and Paul McGee who resides in St. Albans. Collectively they become the Best Singing Waiters UK.

This diverse group travels to different parts of the UK to give a spellbinding performance to guests and clients.

Despite the name Singing Waiters for Weddings UK, the performers can be disguised as anything from chefs and guests to policeman and fireman. This has allowed the company to put their own fantastic spin on the popular concept, adored around the world. Professional performers, the singing waiters UK can give incredible renditions of popular tunes from The Beatles, Bruno Mars, Abba and many more. 

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For the event “The Amazing Singing Waiters” two or more professional singers are disguised as waiters at a party or celebration. During the event, the ‘waiters’ surprise the guests by first grabbing their attention. Once they have their attention, they begin to sing. They're the best Singing Waiters for Weddings UK.

Before the end of the first set, the whole room is joining in the fun, singing along while waving napkins in the air. For the guests, indeed they are Best Singing Waiters UK.

The business began in 2012 and since then have offered a variety of shows to customers. These have included tributes to the Blues Brothers and Take That as well as a variety of decade-themed party shows. Their most popular type of event is still The Amazing Singing Waiters and one of the Recommended Singing Waiters UK.

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