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How does the singing waiter act usually work?

We perform during your wedding breakfast where there tends to be a lull; guests are full and beginning to tire from the busy day and are waiting for the evening entertainment to get revved up again. This is where we come in.

An actor will create a ‘scenario’ that allows them to burst into song and wow everyone in the room. This leads to an incredible show which takes you and your guests on a journey starting with stunning vocals and leading to a party where everyone is up, dancing and having a fabulous time.

The Best Singing Waiters UK creates an atmosphere like no other as more and more actors continue to surprise everyone with their sophisticated, interactive and entertaining show – but remember to keep it a secret!

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Can you hire more than one singing waiter?

Of course! We have found that two or three performers works best as the actors can bounce off of one another as well as the audience. Contact now to know the Singing Waiters Price UK.

This also allows you to have a range of vocalists in one show, bringing soul and motown, pop and rock (and more) all to one performance. This gives singing waiters for weddings UK greater depth to the performance and caters for all guests’ tastes in music, however you can choose to have as many as you like.

What different services do The Amazing Live Singing Waiters offer?

You can choose to have one, two, three or more performers depending upon the size of the wedding and your budget. As we understand weddings are expensive, we offer a range of packages which can help to make it cheaper rather than booking individual acts separately.

Some examples of these packages include a DJ for your evening entertainment, string quartets, pianists and other musicians for your ceremony, drinks reception or wedding breakfast. Please chat to us if there is anything you would like in particular and we can arrange this for you.

Singing Waiters Price UK

How much does hiring a Singing Waiters Price UK cost?

Singing Waiters Price UK vary due to many factors such as date and location - the easiest way to get a price today is to contact us here.

How can people make the performance specific to their wedding?

We cater every wedding to the couple’s personal taste or request although we offer our experience in making sure the performance blows everyone away. Singing Waiters for Weddings UK is definitely entertaining.

Couples often ask for a ‘special song’ for us to perform, and the parents of the bride and groom might request particular songs.

What kinds of music can you perform?

We like to mix it up! The Best Singing Waiters UK performers are extremely versatile and we ensure our show goes through the gears, starting with the wow factor, turning into a party and then building to a crescendo of incredible vocals.

We perform classics such as ‘That’s Amore’, musical numbers such as ‘Phantom of the Opera’, popular songs such as ABBA hits and operatic arias like Nessun Dorma. Singing Waiters for Weddings UK will surely make your special day unforgettable.

We’ve been requested to sing Elvis songs, traditional musical hits as well as modern musical numbers from shows such as the romantic movie ‘Moulin Rouge’ and even recent chart hits such as Taylor Swift songs.

How long does the performance last?

The show starts the minute we arrive! The artists will be acting as waiters, venue staff, event managers, chefs and guests from whenever is appropriate during your wedding day (for example, a ‘guest’ would be there from the ceremony whereas a waiter would be at the drinks reception).

These characters act throughout the day and are entirely believable - no one will know what’s about to happen! After getting to know your wedding party and mingling in with staff, friends and family, they choose the right moment to surprise your guests and burst into a West End show.

The show lasts for around 30 minutes with a vast range of songs and musical genres. Definitely they are Recommended Singing Waiters UK.

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Singing Waiters Price UK

Why should couples hire a singing waiter act?

Singing waiters are a wonderful surprise for your bride or groom to be as well as for your guests. Many couple hire the Recommended Singing Waiters UK as no one would ever expect - whether that be the waiting staff or even the chef- who have been serving your wedding party all day, to burst into a professional live performance!

Do we have to have just waiters?

Of course not!

We can have our undercover and Recommended Singing Waiters UK singers pose as Waiters, chefs, guests or even firefighters or police officers!

Singing Waiters Price UK

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